Frequently Asked Questions

  • What documents do i need to bring in to my appointment?

    Packaging List

  • How can I get an agreement in principle?

    Increasingly Estate Agents and Sellers are requesting a mortgage ‘Agreement in Principle’ before they can accept your offer. We can now offer a service designed to speed up this process. On receipt of the correct information it may be possible to obtain the agreement, before the full application process has started. Please call us or email for further information regarding this service.

  • Do you charge Broker Fees?

    Every case and client is unique, therefore our fees will be dependent on your personal circumstances. We will provide you with a breakdown of our fees on request, and note that all initial discussions or meetings are not chargable.

  • What's the next step and how do I apply?

    We will discuss with you your plans for now and the future, and we’ll make a detailed assessment of your personal circumstances. Using the latest industry technology we will source the very latest mortgage products, tailoring them to your exact requirements. Once your preferred option has been agreed, leave the rest to us. We’ll piece together the application and submit it on your behalf, liaising with Estate Agents and Solicitors along the way. Once your mortgage has been agreed we will notify all parties, and then give you the option of discussing your insurance protection needs with your adviser.

  • How long does it all take?

    Well... that’s the million dollar question! Actually sometimes that’s down to you, the quicker we get in all the information, the quicker we can apply! Most lending decisions are made within 24 hours, but mortgage offers can take longer -generally between 7 days and a month depending on the lender used.